What is in an answer? What is in the light? The lifelong questioner finds themselves bound up in the rigors of politics, the thorned vines of relationships--from addictions to people--and the endlessness of God. Josh Travis does not bare the answers to such things, nor baskes in the light that blesses the enlightened; but through his music and songwriting, buried in an acoustic basis, he chases further our questions: the ones we have flowing in our veins, the ones that hide in the dark, the deep ones that hurt the most.   

The early 2010s brought Travis’ first released demo, which then led to tours throughout the Midwest and of rural Pennsylvania. From an early age, when he first picked up a guitar, he captured disconnect from the orthodox childhood and let angst sink its teeth in. Through house shows and venue halls, he chased the ache of consternation and the feeling of any form of self-identity that slipped away from him. In these multitudinous avenues and years of honing his craft, Travis met a list of musicians, whom which he has since collaborated with on stage and in the studio, and continued to study his playing, writing style, and better understand his influences. 

Josh Travis lives humbly in Erie, Penna and is 24 years-old (2017). He plays his music to evaporate the veils of pride we walk with and replace it with a societal suffering that burns for amelioration. He plays to relate to your pain. He plays to show love in a naked form. He hopes you hear that.

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